To realize our projects we are looking for sponsors and financiers.

Donations may consist of:

  •  donate a certain amount per year
  •  a single payment

How to donate?
Donations can be made to bank account NL85RABO11406420 t.n.v. Foundation Muadiakime Foundation in Goes, stating your donation amount and address.

The donations will fully benefit the projects of the foundation (the cost of the foundation are largely sponsored by companies).

ANBI registration
The Foundation Muadiakime Foundation is recognized by the IRS as a General Benefit Institution (ANBI).

As a result, your gifts to the Muadiakime Foundation (and other charities with ANBI status) deductible from taxable income. Obviously, the donation to an ANBI must also meet all other requirements of the tax authorities.

Would you like to be able to fully deduct your donations to the Foundation Muadiakime? This can solidify your contribution lay at the notary.

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