Travel Angola in December 2012

Text about the trip to Angola in December 2012/2013

Travel in Angola

A visit to the shelter Beiral (04-05-2010). It is a sanctuary with more than 300 residents, it consists of four pavilions, one for men and three for women.

The people who are recognized:

  • Some are abused by family or accused of witchcraft;
  • Some people who live on the street for one reason or another;
  • Some people are left in the hospital and brought to the shelter by the police;
  • Some elderly people are abandoned by relatives at the shelter, so they can take over their possessions.


The hygiene is some people layers at least, on the floor. The building has been refurbished on the outside and in the garden it looked reasonable, there is an attempt to take a peek into the bedrooms, but this was not allowed.


The staff is not trained in the care, it only checks the residents.
But how it is with sharing drugs, injection and wound care ect.?
The doctor will normally once a week along, to help some residents.

How Does not provided, I think less than 50 people.